You Need Coffee But You Deserve Buna

Ethiopia the birthplace of coffee (buna) and the pure origin of all coffee and regarded by aficionados as the most complex HEIRLOOM varietals today. FARM DIRECT, 100% Arabica organic, Handpicked, artisan roasted and LEGENDARY crafted for generations.


Coffee The Way It Was Intended!

Our Goal is for you to experience coffee the way it was intended. No longer regarded as just a morning beverage, Royal Buna captures the elegance and uniqueness of a true coffee tasting experience.

Great Things Begin With Buna!

The secret to extraordinary coffee is in the beans, or as they were originally called, “Buna.” And for that, you have to travel to the rain-forests of Ethiopia—the birthplace of coffee. In fact, all plant species of Arabica coffee beans around the world are transplants from the Kaffa region of Ethiopia.
Royal Buna is to deliver you the highest quality gourmet heirloom coffee experience. And when we say “experience,” we don’t just mean our superior beans (though they certainly are that); we also mean the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping us make a difference. We strive to provide our customers a product that well exceeds conventional quality standards, all while participating in the aid and development of the communities in which we do business.

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