Serving you and helping those in need


Royal Buna’s mission is to help the poorest of the poor through trade, not aid. It believes that advancements in social and environmental standards can be inspired and attained through the commercial success of participants in an ethical and transparent supply chain. 

Royal Buna is to deliver you the highest quality gourmet heirloom coffee experience.

And when we say “experience,” we don’t just mean our superior beans (though they certainly are that); we also mean the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping us make a difference. We strive to provide our customers a product that well exceeds conventional quality standards, all while participating in the aid and development of the communities in which we do business.

“Profit with Purpose” — It’s the driving force behind everything we do here at Royal Buna. It’s one thing to offer an excellent coffee, but there’s nothing in the rulebook that says we can’t also help and support the local small farmers who grow it.

It’s time people learn that Ethiopian coffee is the best coffee in the world.


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