Investor Value Proposition

Based on current consumer market and technology investment trends, we are extending a Kairos Investment Proposition. Meaning “the opportune and decisive moment when conditions are best to accomplish success”. Our value proposition is comprised of (proven management team, a distinctive consumer experience, a disruptive brand identity, unique product offering, digital content and social media engagement).

Major brands like Wholefoods, Apple and now Amazon have proven that providing a positive customer experience is essential for brand to be scalable.

Directly-sourced coffee are in high demand. As coffee lovers become increasingly knowledgeable about what they consume, coffee is no different. In a market where more companies are aiming for USDA Organic or Fair-Trade certifications, a rising concern with consumers health and is where their money is going.

Royal Buna specialty coffee is available through our e-store and Amazon Prime platform and our touchless custom coffee dispensers are available at upscale urban communities throughout southern California.  Hence, Royal Buna®, is now prepared to raise capital to expand it's customer coffee experience by launching it's Coffee Roastery locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.





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